Amanda Graham

Fact File

The best thing about my job:
I can go to work in my pyjamas if i want to because my studio is at home.

My favourite food:
Laska… and roasted potatoes.

My dream car:
A yellow MG

My worst injury:
I went over the handlebars of my bike, landed on my head and was concussed… twice!… but not on the same day.

My favourite colours:
Being an illustrator, I have too many favourite colours to name; however, I’m very fond of pale mint green and tangerine.

My favourite movie:
Toy Story 1, 2 and 3

My favourite possessions:
Boxes containing photos of family, friends and holidays.

If I wasn’t doing my current job, I would like to be:
An astronomer or a scientist who studies the brain.

The most important things in life:
My family, of course… and having a safe, peaceful place to live in.

My Ambassador Reading Tip:
Ask friends to recommend books they’ve enjoyed reading and put them on your “to read next” list.

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