File Name : Game Changer #2

by FLINT, Shamini

ISBN: 9781760296698
Australian: No
Published: 2018 by Allen & Unwin
Part of the Susie K series
Level: Primary Years (3-5)

Diaries , Humour

Susie K likes science instead of netball and has the class goldfish for a best friend. But Susie's mum finds it hard to believe that she's happy that way. She's constantly trying to push Susie (with the best of intentions, of course!) to be something she's not. And the last thing Susie wants is to disappoint her mum. Susie's mum is excited to hear that Susie is competing in Sports Day at school - except Susie hasn't found a sport she's any good at. But even though Susie would much rather stay home and investigate deforestation, she uses all her problem-solving skills to become a game changer! (Publisher) (SCIS)

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