My Life as A Hashtag

by WILLIAMS, Gabrielle

ISBN: 9781760113681
Australian: Yes
Published: 2017 by Allen & Unwin
Level: Mature

Family & Relationships

For anyone who has ever posted something online and wished that they hadn't! A perfect book encapsulating what it is like to be in a modern-day high school in Australia. The protagonist, MC, has fallen out with her friends and while they're at a party, she sits alone and vents on her blog. The blog that no-one knows is her, and only has a couple of random followers. But after discovering an hilarious and addictive app which turns famous celebrities into speaking animations, MC creates a whole series of abusive rants about her friend and posts them on her blog. The next day, the blog has gone viral. And it's too late to delete it. With authentic and relatable characters, this book shows the real consequences of online communications and bullying, and the course of teenage friendships. For mature readers.

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