Ruby Red Shoes

by KNAPP, Kate

ISBN: 9780732293628
Australian: Yes
Published: 2013 by Angus & Robertson
Level: Early Years (R-2)


A beautifully written and presented book in a first novel type format. Ruby Red Shoes is a white hare with a love for red shoes. She is a positive gentle character who lives in a ‘prettily painted caravan’ with her grandmother Babushka Galina Galushka. Throughout the book there are lovely language surprises. In this book, (and we are led to believe that there will be more adventures with this hare), Ruby Red Shoes and her grandmother are visiting Paris and Ruby is ‘fizzing with excitement’. The two hares leav leave behind their chickens who have been studying French with great determination and sing out ‘au revoir’ with ‘impeccable French accents’. Paris is described in great detail and through the exacting illustrations. Certainly a travel book for young children. Children can follow Ruby’s Blog at

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