Something a Little Different


ISBN: 9780648539605
Australian: Yes
Published: 2019 by Open Book Howden
Level: Primary Years (3-5)


Jonnie is a teenager who is offbeat and lives life on his own terms, but some do not like that. At school he finds a young boy being bullied and must make a difficult choice. The story follows Jonnie at home and school where he deals with bullying, and helping someone who is being bullied. This book is suitable for primary and secondary school students. It contains a positive message of hope and acceptance, in a world of diversity.

Reviews for Something a Little Different by FRAZER, Hayley & ELDRIDGE-MURRAY, Lauren
Jal, Primary Years (3-5)

it has a good message for us to understand.

caleb, Primary Years (3-5)

because it can help you understand that helping people when they get bullied can actually help you when you see a bullies\'.

Kaine, Primary Years (3-5)

The girl told on the bullies (stuck up for her friend)

Adelinda, Primary Years (3-5)

I liked the illustrations in the book and the main meaning of the story.

Emma, Primary Years (3-5)

i am different so i like it

kARTIKAY, Primary Years (3-5)

teaching people about being different

Agumpreet, Primary Years (3-5)

yes. Cause sometimes people bully me and I can stand up and make them stop.

Harry, Primary Years (3-5)

I liked that it was relatable to me and it was really good

Aarush, Primary Years (3-5)

the author was so creative

Jack, Primary Years (3-5)

because it has a very strong message and I like how the author respects everyone and it makes me want to be a teacher so I can deal with bully\'s.

Sasha, Primary Years (3-5)

It doesn\'t if you are different because you are allowed to be unique.

Holly, Primary Years (3-5)

it tells you that everyone is unique and no one is the same

Oriana, Primary Years (3-5)

i like it because it shows that if you are different that does not mean that you are not good enough to do things and that you are unique.

Falyn, Primary Years (3-5)

I like this book mainly because of the message included in every part \"everyone is different, and that\'s ok, what\'s most important is that you let your differences shine\"nI think this is a great message for people who have low self-esteem.n

Lili, Primary Years (3-5)

I like this book because it tells a good story.

Tahlia, Primary Years (3-5)

I like how throughout the book it was clear to know what the author was trying to say about the book and also the moral of the story.

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