This Time It's Real

by LIANG, Ann

ISBN: 9781761049804
Australian: Yes
Published: 2023 by Penguin Random House Australia
Level: Mature

Family & Relationships

A fun rom-com featuring two teens that are thrown together through a modern blogging mishap that creates a viral situation. Eliza’s character is loveable. Motivated by her desire to be seen as a writer, she finds herself in an unusual situation, that leads her to an unlikely romance. The high stakes plot is grounded by believable family relationships, especially through the sibling and mother-daughter connections. The background setting of an international school and the history of Eliza’s multiple moves give the story weight, centering the narrative. With strong themes, of culture, identity and misplacement, the story offers more than just romance, as friendship is also central to the story exploring how we connect to people. This is an absorbing, fun read that will appeal to the middle to higher end of the young adult readership.

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