Novita provides child development, rehabilitation and disability services to more than 2000 young clients, as well as support for their families and carers. We support children and young people throughout their childhood and adolescent years, in Adelaide, regional South Australia and beyond.

Through our broader work with families and communities, Novita’s life-changing services have a direct impact on thousands of South Australians.

Novita Powerpoint books

These are mainly picture books that have been scanned, voice over added and a picture of a switch appears to remind the reader to hit the switch* to move to the next page. You can also hit the enter key to move to the next page if you do not require a switch. The best description is “Format shifting.”

(*Switches are at the core of access technology, they look like a large button that you press.)

Novita originally copied the books under our Statutory Licence which allows organisations assisting people with a print disability to use copyright material without permission in some circumstances. Now people with a print disability can also format shift a book they have bought. There are guidelines that need to be followed. Have attached pdf of “Disabilities: copyright provisions”.

The books Novita has format shifted are only available for Novita clients to borrow, however everyone can access our online catalogue via the link below

For more information, go to the Novita Children’s Services website.

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