The Challenge

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How do I complete the Challenge?

1. Get a Student Reading Record
Reading Records can be sourced from your school’s Premier’s Reading Challenge coordinator (ask your teacher), or download here.

2. Read 12 books:

Reception to Year 7

  • 8 x books from the PRC booklist, and
  • 4 x  books of your own choosing (which may or may not be on the PRC booklists)

Year 7 (High school)

  • 4 x books from the PRC booklists, and
  • 8 x books of your own choosing

Years 8 and 9

  • 4 x books from the PRC booklists, and
  • 8 x books of your own choosing

Years 10 to 12

  • All 12 x books are your own choice.

3. Fill out your Student Reading Record as you go
Get an adult (parent/carer, librarian, school teacher,etc) to sign each one to verify that you read the book.

Hand the form in to your school’s PRC Coordinator by the due date – please check this date with your PRC coordinator, as they may elect to make the finishing date earlier to allow all students to get their awards on time.

4. Wait for your award!

2020 Key Dates

Every year, students have almost three full terms to read their 12 books for the year. The Challenge commences on the first day of the school year and reading concludes in week 7 of term 3.

Coordinators will receive an email explaining data entry and will have all of term 3 to enter student data. Participants can expect to receive their awards in mid-November.

More Information

28 Jan 2020

2020 Premier’s Reading Challenge starts from 28 January

4 Sep 2020

Reading concludes for the 2020 Challenge.

3 Jul to 18 Sep 2020
  • Student Reading Records collected
  • Data entered in schools before 18 September 2020
  • Before 30 September 2020 – Home education students send Reading Records to the Project Officer

Mid November 2020

Awards arrive in schools by mid-late November

  • By the end of November home education awards are posted to the home address
  • Students awarded certificates and medals at individual school presentations from mid-November
  • Generally the Premier completes the first visit to a school in his electorate and the Minister also
    completes a visit to one in his electorate in about the 2nd week in November
  • 55 selected schools with students achieving outstanding results attend the Premier’s Reception, in mid-late November, which the Premier and Minister attend.
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Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s Reading Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.