Faith Lutheran College visited by Rosanne Hawke

Year 7 students were fortunate to have Roseanne Hawke, author of 30 books for young people come to speak to them on Tuesday. Roseanne shared her love of reading and writing with the students and encouraged them to participate in this year’s Premiers Reading Challenge. A number of novels written by Roseanne were inspired by her time spent living in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates where she volunteered teaching English as a Second Language. The novels discuss culture, faith, displacement, belonging and reconciliation. The students were captivated by Roseanne’s experiences and received some great tips for their own writing.

“Roseanne gave me some great tips about story planning. I really enjoyed finding out about how she uses storyboards and it was good to see her own storyboard” Odette Bingham – Year 7

“It was very informative about how Roseanne wrote her books and why she wrote them” Willow Ottawa – Year 7

“It was great! Roseanne gave us a good description of writing and she knew what she was talking about” Tyler Brice – Year 7


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