Motivating Modbury!

On 11th May, Modbury West School’s Upper Primary students were lucky to have Allayne Webster visit for an engaging, fun and information packed afternoon. Allayne shared stories of her childhood and explained, in an inspiring way, how she develops ideas for her books from people, places and events around her. We have a great record of completing the PRC and her visit was even more motivation. We thank her very much for her time.

Leila Year 7 – It was interesting to hear about the effort authors make and it has given me more excitement about reading.

Emily T Year 7 – Anybody can be a writer – even when you are younger. I loved hearing stories about real people and their writing.

Charli Year 7 – It was great to find out where writer’s ideas come from.

Iris Year 7 – It was so great to meet the actual author of a book I am reading right now!

Noyo Year 5 – She gave us lots of ideas for our writing. One of her books is telling the reader not to give up – I really enjoyed it!

Lexi Year 7 -Recently Allayne Webster visited our school. Her talk about her experiences and inspirations was fun and very motivating for up-and-coming writers like myself.

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