All new, Bunraku…Clovelly Park

Sue Harris shared her magic with Clovelly Park PS on Friday 11 June and the students loved it! Banraku, the Japanese puppet theatre captivated them.

As Sue explained the importance of reading in her work and life, it became clear that students at Clovelly are avid readers and love the PRC.

The students saw Sue play with a number of puppets. As year 6 student Aseel said, “Something I learned about puppeteering was that it’s too hard to control the puppet’s body, like the hands and the legs and also the head, to make the right moves. It took the Japanese puppeteer from when he was six years old to 100+. In my opinion, my favourite puppet is the witch because it has a lot of details. Something I found interesting is that even the small details are very important, and when you watch the show you will feel like no one is controlling it.”

Here are more of the students’ insights PRC PUPPETEERING COMMENTS from Y6 (002).



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