Mike Dumbleton at St Monica’s Parish School – 10 May 2021

Students from Year 3-6 at St Monica’s Parish School were privileged to have Mike Dumbleton visit and share his experience of the writing and drafting process and where he gets his ideas for his books. Mike also talked about the work of the Illustrator in helping his words come to life. The students enjoyed all the books he shared, their favourites were Dandy and Dazza, Muddled Up Farm and Anisa’s Alphabet. We thank Mike for his entertaining and enlightening visit which was enjoyed by all.

Dear Mike Dumbleton,

Thank you for coming to our school.  You are lovely just like your books. You inspire us. Your books are so good.  I can’t pick which one is my favourite.  You are a lovely person to know. Thank you. Lamees Yr3

We enjoyed Mike’s visit because we could ask so many questions and see one of the first drafts of his book. The characters are cool and fun.  My favourite character was Dazza. I really enjoyed your visit to our School.  Thank you.  Year 4

We liked your visit because your books are fun, creative and imaginative.  Your books are so good so can you keep on making books like the ones you have already written.  Aadvick Yr 4

We learnt that authors and illustrators have to do lot of drafts.  I love reading and it’s one of my favourite things to do.  Books help you learn and grow your imagination.  Lara Yr 4

I think your books are very interesting and it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort into them.  All your books are very different and each one is very unique in its own way.  Ayla Yr 4

Mike Dumbleton’s visit was really interesting and he talked about the pictures and about his books and a bit about him.  Ava Yr 5

Mike Dumbleton, your books are funny and interesting.  I like the books you write.

When Mike Dumbleton started to talk about his books I started getting really interested in his books and how they all have meaning to them. Rianne Yr 5

I really enjoyed Mike talking about his books and him coming over.  I loved his books they were amazing, I loved them all equally. Harrison Yr 3

When Mike Dumbleton came I was happy.  I really like his books especially Dandy and Dazza.  It you’re reading this Mike, Thank you.  Damola Yr 3

Thank you for coming to our school Mike Dumbleton I liked all of the books. Harry  Yr 3

When Mike Dumbleton came it was really fun because we talked about the books he wrote.  The books he wrote were funny; my favourite one is Dandy and Dazza. We looked at the older pictures and saw that the newer ones had a lot of differences.  He read some books to us and he showed us a book before it got published. I liked it because we read the books and they were really interesting. I wish I could have all the books he has had published.  Alana Yr 3

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