St John Bosco & winning the grand final!

Jenny Williams visited St John Bosco on 12 August to talk about reading, writing and running around! She shared the rewrite of the book her brother Mark Williams and her wrote – The night Marcus won the Grand Final.

Her presentation was very popular as Tian from SJB describes…

Having Jenny Williams come and talk to us was very inspirational and has encouraged me to do what makes me happier and being fitter. Jenny’s talk was inclusive and allowed us to participate. I loved hearing about Jenny’s book and how she created it and I like how she related it to her own life and made it reflect what the world is like now. I like how she changed the white crowd of people that was watching the footy (from her previous book) to a multi-cultural crowd (in her latest edition). I simply loved the talk and I believe lots of other students did too. Thank you to Jenny and Mark Williams for visiting our school it was incredibly motivational. 

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