St Columba dress to impress for book week

On Friday August 27th, St Columba College Junior School were treated to a visit by Mark Williams and Sue Harris from the Premier’s Reading Challenge . The visit was to encourage our Junior School Students to keep reading to finish the 2021 Premier’s Reading Challenge, remind the students about the importance of reading every day as a life-long skill and to congratulate the students who had finished the Reading Challenge early. Sue and Mark were the VIP guests at our Junior School Dress-Up Day and Costume Parade Assembly. They were able to see the effort our families and staff had made to make our Dress-Up Day a wonderful celebration of stories, book characters and reading.

Sue is an amazing puppeteer and author and a fantastic PRC Ambassador. She spoke well about the importance of reading and wove her puppeteer skills into her speech whilst giving a history of her puppets and showing us how they work. The students were entranced by the puppets and two of our staff were lucky enough to join Sue on stage as assistants.

  • My favourite Book Week memory is Sue Harris and Mark Williams coming to our school. Achol – Year 2
  • My favourite Book Week memory is sue Harris and her puppets. – Maria – Year 2.
  • During Book Week, I enjoyed the activities in the yard such as croquet, the stilts, skipping and bubble world. I enjoyed Sue Harris and her puppets because they were fun. – Year 3.


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