Willsden PS meet some puppets

The students at Willsden PS were enthralled by some of the characters Sue Harris, PRC Ambassador, introduced them to. She described the importance of reading in her world. This is is how WPS students reacted:

I learnt that puppets have been around for 100s of years. It takes multiple years to learn how to move some puppets. A good puppeteer will make the puppet do something the audience does not expect.  – Cale (aged 11yrs)

I found it interesting that Sue used a dictionary to create her puppet plays. – Annie (Aged 12yrs)

It was funny when Scallywags wife went to the store and the crocodile tried to eat him.  – Shaquana (aged 12yrs)

I liked it when the puppets took the pillow from each other. It was really funny. – Ava (aged 7yrs)

I liked it when the crocodile ate Scallywag. It was funny. – Bhavneet (aged 6yrs)

It was really funny when Jack and Cale worked the puppet together. Jack made his head move then they had to work together to make him swim. His arms went everywhere! – Saia (aged 9yrs)

The glove puppets were funny. One was sleeping on the bed and the other one took the bed away. – Lorraine (aged 8yrs)

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