Adam Cece Delights Thiele Primary with Joyful Books

Renowned children’s book author Adam Cece recently visited Thiele Primary School, leaving a lasting impression on young minds. Through his engaging and animated presentation, Adam shared the joy and excitement that can be found within the pages of books. His delightful storytelling and entertaining antics, including funny jokes and silly dances captivated the students, who instantly formed a connection with him.

Here’s what the students had to say:

“Adam Cece was a great influence on kids to start reading and writing because he was telling us about how fun it can be. He was talking to us about all the books he made and why he made them. He was funny and silly and all the kids loved him because he told lots of fun jokes and did lots of silly dances. We all got to ask him questions about why he started writing and what his favourite book is, people where also asking his favourite colour and footy team is.”

“Adam Cece has written lots of amazing novels, such as: Twin Spin, Wesley Booth Super Sleuth and The Extremely Weird Thing That Happened In Huggabie Falls. We found hard to track down some of his books so we were pretty excited when he allowed us to keep some of his copies here on campus! He even signed them too!”


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