Tania Ingram Inspires Stradbroke School through Books

Year 3/4 students and staff at Stradbroke School recently had the pleasure of hosting author Tania Ingram, who shared her love for reading and writing. Tania’s visit was marked by a captivating presentation, where she presented her delightful books, including Oma’s Buttons, Dog on a Log, and the beloved Jinny and Cooper series. The impact of her visit on the students was profound, leaving them motivated to explore various texts and dive into the world of imagination.

The staff at Stradbroke School were full of praise for Tania’s remarkable presentation, perfectly tailored to engage and inspire the young audience. One staff member expressed, “Tania was terrific, and her presentation matched perfectly for the audience. She is a wonderful PRC ambassador!” The students’ enthusiasm mirrored that of the staff, evident in their heartfelt comments.

Student comments:
Edna: “Tania was very descriptive when she talked about books.”
Micaiah: “Tania convinced us there is a book for everyone. She was amazing and really inspired me to read more books.”
Leo and Jay: “We liked how she talked about her own books.”
Milla: “Tania was very kind and honest.”
Sofia: “Tania was really nice.”

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