Mike Dumbleton wears a wig at Mercedes

Mike Dumbleton, great children’s author, made an impact at Mercedes College. Here’s what the students thought…


Year 1s

In the story Hair, we liked the green mermaid’s hairstyle and we especially liked the way Mike asked Edith to help dress him up in funny hair. The Mullet, crystals and rainbow hair were all our favourites in the story and we want a crazy hair day.

The books were both funny and the animal noises in them made us laugh. The farm inspector who tried to fix the farm made the sounds which was funny too.

We thought it was good how Mike explaining the writing process as an author and the steps it takes to get to the final product. There are lots of drafts for writers and illustrators.

Year 2s

Thanks, Mike for visiting us we loved listening to the books ‘Muddle Up Farm’ and ‘Hair’ that you shared with us. We thought they were hilarious and very creative.

You were so funny when you put on the curly hair wig and tiara headband and said you might go to Coles.

We liked hearing about your first book and your career as an author. You have inspired some of us to become authors or even an illustrator.

It was interesting to hear about how you loved reading books as a child and how you tricked your Dad and pretended to be asleep but secretly you were awake reading your books using the light outside your window.

It was interesting how you told us that you ask different illustrators to illustrate your book, depending on what your story is about.

I really like how you put your grandchildren’s names in the book as well, that would make them feel very special.

Congratulations on the award that you won, you are a great author and we feel very lucky and honoured that you visited us. We can’t wait to read more of your books.



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