Allayne Webster at Tea Tree Gully PS

Allayne Webster was enthusiastically quizzed by students who were keen to learn more about writing and becoming an author. The TTG PS students had a lot to say…

Do you know Allayne Webster? She’s an author that makes books about her life and things she sees in her day-to-day life. When she came to the school she told us facts about her and how old you can be to be an author in primary school! In all the books she made she had some sort of relation to her life. In Sensitive it was about how she was sick when she was younger. She even donated 2 books to  the school library called Selfie and Cardboard Palace – Layla G

On Wednesday a fantastic author of many books called Allayne Webster came to Tea Tree Gully Primary School. She told us about some of her books that are about what happened in her life. Paper Planes is about how the vet that had her dog every so often told a story to her about how he came to Australia and didn’t know a single word of English. She has many really interesting good stories. – Ben

Allayne Webster is an author who came to our school. She said that you can be any age to write books and that all you need is a pair of hands, paper or a laptop and eyes to watch TV or look for inspiration. – Will

Have you ever head of Allayne Webster? She is an author who writes very entertaining contemporary fiction books. She has inspired me to start writing my own books, although I don’t want to publish them. I would like to keep them to myself. – Elouise

Allayne Webster is so amazing! So far she’s donated books, visited schools and inspired some of her students. She’s brought so many heartfelt stories and it was amazing to see her in real life. – Katie

Allayne Webster is an author and she has made a lot of books with friends. She also got sick and almost died. – Clayton

On the 13th of March, Allayne Webster came to visit our school. She inspired me to read and write more. She also said to us you can be any age to publish your book, novel or picture book. A book I was interested in was Cardboard Palace. It was based on a boy in Paris who would sneak on a train and try to steal wallets from people. ‘This often happens in Paris,’ Allayne said. – Willow R

On Wednesday Allayne Webster came to talk to us about books. She writes fiction books and also writes people’s stories and what they have been through. Her favourite animal is a koala. Overall it was cool to meet her and get a photo with her. – Alexia

Allayne Webster came to Tea Tree Gully Primary School to talk about some of her books. It was nice to learn how to build a book and that you can publish at any age. – Brad

Allayne Webster has been writing books since she was in school and got her first book published when her child was just born. We are all excited to read the books that she gave us for our library. We thank her for coming to our school and wish her the best of luck in coming years. – Caden

Allayne Webster is an author who has written amazing books like Sensitive and Selfie. She tours schools and supports the Premier’s Reading Challenge. She inspired me by saying that anyone can be a writer and there’s multiple jobs in the publishing industry. She’s opened my eyes to the publishing industry and I was thoroughly interested. – Griffin

Allayne Webster inspired me to write a horror story, because she said that you can publish a book even if you’re in primary school. I want to try and get a book of mine published one day. – Annie

Allayne Webster donated books to our primary school. I loved having her at Tea Tree Gully Primary School and telling us to write and publish books. She taught us that the books that we send to publishers don’t always get published. – Zayd

When she told me that you can be any age to get your book published that sentence inspired me to keep creating. She made me feel that I can achieve anything through my books. She told me that she has a friend who published a whole series of books and that’s what I want to do. – Milly

Allayne Webster talked about how it is to be an author and why she became an author. She told us that she loves writing contemporary fiction based on her own experiences. – Charlton

I loved listening to her stories and how she became who she is. She told us that she loved to make stories about what her classmates wanted to happen. – Sonny

Allayne Webster is an author who writes contemporary fiction which means based on real life. Selfie is about someone who is very famous on the internet. Allayne inspired me to never give up. – Lincoln

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