Allayne Webster at The Heights School

Allayne Webster spoke about her experiences and inspired students at The Heights school. They enjoyed Allayne’s presentation and said…


I loved Allayne Webster’s visit. She said a lot and expressed herself to a lot of people. It was really interesting. I rate it a 10/10. Her speech was really good and I love her books, especially Selfie. Allayne’s books look fun to read so I am looking to borrow it from the library.

It was amazing. She inspired me to write my own. Maybe I want to become an author when I am an adult. She told us stories and how it inspired her to write. Her stories were so interesting I wish the session was longer and she could tell us more. I give her visit a 100/100. She is amazing.

Allayne Webster was talking about how her life was like when she was in hospital. I found her so interesting and she is also a unique author. She even motivated me even more to be an author. I would give her 5 stars because she was energetic and really inspiring as well. I would recommend reading her books too.

She is literally perfection; her books have given me so much inspiration and to others. If you want to be an Author, ask her for inspiration, she came to my school and explained her books and meaning behind, I was awestruck by her reasons it had actual reason, not just made-up stuff, she’ a star in my eyes.

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