Exploring Decodable Books for Young Readers: A Guide for Parents and Educators

Are you searching for decodable books to aid young readers on their literacy journey?

Decodable books are crucial for beginner readers, featuring phonetically regular words aligned with the sounds they have learned. However, finding suitable decodable texts can sometimes be a challenge.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge booklist provides over 8,500 quality books that will capture the imagination of children and hopefully, set them on a path to lifelong reading. The Challenge booklist does not however, include a dedicated section for decodable books.

That’s where our curated list of invaluable resources below, recommended by experts from the Department for Education, comes in handy.

These resources include:

  • SPELD SA Free Phonic Readers: SPELD SA has an excellent range of free phonic readers that can be downloaded from their website or read on a tablet. SPELD SA aims to help Aboriginal students engage with phonic books by having characters, content and settings that reflect Aboriginal communities.
  • Phonic Books UK: Offers free decodable readers featuring Moon Dog characters engaging in various activities at home.
  • Oxford Owl: Provides a range of free decodable e-book readers suitable for different reading levels.
  • Sounds Write: Offers First Step Decodable Readers as free e-books, ideal for beginner readers.
  • Fun Phonics: Provides a selection of free readers to support phonics learning.
  • Free Phonetic Readers: Offers a variety of decodable readers for download.
  • Decodable Readers by Auburn University: Available on their website, these resources cater to different reading abilities.
  • Decodable Books Written by Teachers: These creative works were designed to be easily decodable for students embarking on their reading journey. Clicking on the link will allow you to download a PowerPoint, PDF, or Word document of the book.

You can also find a variety of decodable reader apps, such as:

While these resources may not be directly included in the Premier’s Reading Challenge booklists, they serve as valuable supplements to support young readers’ literacy development and could also contribute to the ‘own choice’ books in the PRC for students to include. Whether you’re a parent or an educator, these resources offer a wealth of decodable texts to enrich children’s reading experiences.

So why wait? Dive into the world of decodable books and ignite a love for reading in young minds today!

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