Mem Fox inspires Karrendi Primary School students

Esteemed storyteller Mem Fox visited Karrendi Primary School, leaving a trail of inspiration and joy among the Year 2 students. Mem, known for her beloved books like Possum Magic and Where is the Green Sheep?, shared her passion for storytelling and the magic of reading with the eager young learners.

Reflecting on Mem Fox‘s visit, here are some heartfelt sentiments from the Year 2 students:

“Mem Fox loves writing and she said Possum Magic is 40 years old. She read her books to us – Where is the Green Sheep? Possum Magic and I’m Australian Too. Mem also signed books for us.” – Eliza, Year 2

“Mem Fox visited us and read Possum Magic. Everyone was so excited to hear the story of Grandma Poss and Hush. – Ayla, Year 2

“Mem Fox is famous because she wrote a lot of wonderful books. My favourite book is Where is the Green Sheep? Mem read this book to us and the whole school joined in.” – Scarlett, Year 2

“Mem Fox has a positive mindset and I love all her books. She came to our school to talk about the Premier’s Reading Challenge. It was amazing.” – Viraaj, Year 2

“I liked the part when Mem Fox read us some books she has written. I also liked how her new book turned out, it looks nice. I learned that Possum Magic is forty years old.” – Rylie, Year 2

“I love when I read Mem Fox books and my favourite book is The Tiny Star.” – Matilda, Year 2

“My favourite part was when Mem Fox told us about writing one of her books, and she ripped up the paper because it wasn’t very good. She showed persistence and kept writing until it was a good one.” – Riley, Year 2

“Mem Fox loves writing. She made a mistake so she kept trying and never gave up.” – Ryder, Year 2

Mem Fox‘s visit left an indelible mark on Karrendi Primary School, igniting a love for storytelling and inspiring young minds to embrace the joy of reading.

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