Allayne Webster

Fact File

The best thing about my job:

  • Working in my pyjamas and Ugg boots
  • Hanging out with writers, readers, artists and creators
  • Visiting schools and chatting with students about writing
  • (The worst thing about my job: my dog camping under my desk and farting at least 20 times a day!)

My favourite foods:

  • Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate. Did I mention CHOCOLATE?
  • Cheese
  • Chorizo
  • Cherries
  • All the good stuff starting with ‘C’.

My dream car:
A pink and white restored Kombi van with peace stickers and a surfboard rack.

My worst injury:
Scarring from a botched medical procedure.

My favourite colour:
Red – because red ones go faster. Also, I married a redhead.

My favourite movie:
It’s a toss up between The Big Lebowski, Good Will Hunting, The Shipping News and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

My hero and why:
American children’s author, Judy Blume. Because she thumbed her nose at adult censorship and wrote for the kids.

My favourite possessions:

  • Signed books by Judy Blume
  • An Eiffel tower pendant
  • My pottery collection by Australian ceramics artist, Lincoln Kirby Bell
  • My maton guitars and my Italian cherrywood amplifier.

If I wasn’t doing my current job, I would like to be:
Touring with Aussie music recording artists.
A taste-tester for Haighs Chocolates,

The most important things in life are:

  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Music
  • Stories
  • Chocolate. Wine. Cheese
  • A pee-your-pants belly laugh
  • Green traffic lights
  • A terrific masseuse

My Ambassador Reading Tip:
Don’t force yourself to read something. If you don’t like it, toss it aside and find something better. Life is too short for boring stuff. There’s no such thing as not enjoying reading, only not enjoying what it is you’ve read!

Read all the things – and by that I mean, don’t just read books. Read blogs, poetry, lyrics, essays, reviews, magazines, journals, newspapers… Read, read, read and read some more.

And read for at least 30 mins before you write – the words will flow with ease.

Discuss what you read. Join a book club or start one. Tell your friends. Your thoughts are important!

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