Humphrey B. Bear

Fact File

My favourite food

My dream car
A bus

My worst injury
I climbed a tree to get some honey, and I fell out of it! I landed with a thump and hurt myself.

My favourite colours
All the colours of the rainbow.

My favourite TV show
“Here’s Humphrey”

The funniest thing that’s ever happened to me
One morning, I put my vest on inside out and didn’t know until I arrived at school!

One of my heroes and why
Phil Cummings because he wrote my favourite book – “Boom Bah”.

My favourite possessions
My honey pot, my vest, my hat and my tie.

If I didn’t live in the magic forest, where would I like to live

The most important things in life
My friends in the Magic Forest and around the world, hugs and of course honey, honey and more honey!

My Ambassador Reading Tip
Read a book before you go to bed every night (or ask someone to read to you).

More information about Humphrey B. Bear

Humphrey B. Bear is a honey-loving bear who, like every kid, loves exploring, creating, playing, laughing, learning and giving anything a go. Humphrey is a friend to everyone, and everyone is Humphrey’s friend.

Since 1965 Humphrey’s TV program, “Here’s Humphrey”, has been one of the world’s longest running children’s television shows. Humphrey B. Bear has received numerous national awards and commendations, including the “Citizen of the Year” Award at Australia Day celebrations and two Logies for “Best Children’s Series”.

Humphrey lives in his Tree House in the Magic Forest where he has lots of fun and adventures with his friends.

Humphrey visits and performs shows at numerous places like festivals, primary schools and birthday parties throughout Australia all year round.

And of course… Humphrey LOVES Reading!

You can keep up to date with Humphrey’s activities on his Facebook page here:

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