Katrina Germein

Fact File

The best thing about my job:
I have a few jobs; I’m a parent, an author and a teacher. I love all of them and they share similar components. They allow me to work with children, read stories and be creative. Perfect!

My favourite food:
Maybe chocolate. Or pizza. I love nachos. I actually eat healthy food most of the time because I enjoy that too and it helps me to feel good. I eat a lot of salad. I love olives and cheese and pasta. So many tasty things to choose from!

My dream car:
Hmm. I don’t pay much attention to cars and can’t really tell one car from another. I mainly notice what colour they are. I like green ones. (My son said I should say Lamborghini!)

My worst injury:
I broke my arm when I was eight. I fell out of the tree I was climbing with my brother.

My favourite colours:
I’m drawn to ocean colours like green and blue – turquoise is nice. I also like pink. Sometimes yellow because it’s happy and sunny.

My favourite movie:
Rabbit Proof Fence

My hero and why:
I believe heroes are kind people who work hard and try their best to help others. My parents were my first heroes. I still look to them. There are lots of writers who help me to be an author by showing me how they keep writing even when it feels really hard. They also listen to me when I’m down and that makes me feel better. There were some special, caring teachers who helped me at school and I think about them too. Also my friends. My husband. My children. I know so many wonderful people who remind me that it’s important to persevere with challenges and think about others.

My favourite possessions:
My books. I collect picture books and novels. They’re kind of taking over my house! I find it difficult to part with favourites and I’m always discovering new ones, so my collection keeps growing.

If I wasn’t doing my current job, I would like to be:
That’s a really tricky question because I wouldn’t want to change what I do. Maybe something with animals.

The most important things in life:
The people I love – friends and family. And my dog, Mango.

My Ambassador Reading Tip:
Read books that make you happy. Test out different ones until you find something you enjoy. (Teachers and librarians might be able to help.) If you’re interested in spies, read spy stories. If you love horses, read about horses. If action series seem fun, read action series. Fairies, warriors, dogs or wizards – you choose!

Any other information: www.katrinagermein.com

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