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Hello from a writer who is also a reader!

When I’m relaxing in the summer, or sitting around at the doctor’s, or I’m bored, or stressed, or having my hair dyed, or twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone, or happy to have no urgent work to do, the first thing I do is READ. For me it’s sort of like eating my way slowly through a divine box of chocolates. When I’m half-way through a book that I love I just can’t wait to get back to it. Mind you, sometimes I can’t stand the book I’m reading so I don’t bother to finish it. We don’t have to finish books we don’t like, so you mustn’t do it either! Reading should always be a fabulous experience, never a chore or a bore. Life’s too short to be reading boring books so ask your friends what the best books are. That’s what I do, all the time.

I’m excited about this Reading Challenge. When I was a kid I was reading twelve books a month. Twelve books a year is easy! Go for it, and have great fun doing it!

Mem Fox


The best thing about my job
I can wear pyjamas all day long, but I don’t really!

My favourite food

My dream car
an electric car

My worst injury
a dog bite on my leg. You can still see the scar

My favourite colours
Pink for clothes and green for paperclips

My hero and why
Nelson Mandela because he was such a good, brave man

My favourite possessions
My husband, daughter and grandson

If I wasn’t doing my current job I would like to be
A radio announcer

The most important things in life
Sleep, sleep and more sleep

My Ambassador Reading Tip
Don’t let anyone boss you around about what you should, or should not be reading. If you’re liking it, keep reading it, whatever ‘it’ is.


Some more information about Mem

Mem was born in Melbourne, grew up in Africa, went to drama school in London and came back to Australia in 1970.

Mem has written 44 children’s books and five non-fiction books for adults, including the best-selling Reading Magic aimed at parents of very young children. She has three more children’s books coming out over the next few years.

Her first book Possum Magic, published in 1983, has had sales of over five million copies worldwide. It is still the best-selling children’s picture book in Australia.

Where is the Green Sheep? written by Mem Fox won the CBCA Book of the Year: Early Childhood in 2005, and often sells more copies in one year than Possum Magic.

Mem Fox was a Hans Christian Andersen ambassador, an honour bestowed by Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik on 7 March 2005 when he was visiting Australia with his wife, Crown Princess Mary. It is to commemorate the bicentenary of the famous Danish storyteller’s birth. Crown Prince Frederik said this celebration was a ‘worldwide tribute to the imagination and the magic of storytelling’ – something very dear to Mem’s heart.

Mem’s latest book (Oct 2021) is Cat Dog. It’s about an alert cat, a dozy dog and a clever little mouse.

In 2003 Mem was South Australian of the Year. She loves living in Adelaide, and loves being an Australian.

To find out more about this Ambassador, visit her website, Mem Fox’s Website.

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