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I asked some students I was working with why reading was important and here are some of the great reasons that they came up with.


  • makes you knowledgeable
  • helps you understand different people
  • increases your vocabulary
  • helps your writing get better
  • helps with spelling
  • is entertaining
  • is relaxing
  • improves concentration
  • helps with tests & school work
  • is enjoyable
  • can give you information about anything you’re interested in
  • can be done at your own pace
  • lets you escape to anywhere you want to go
  • can take you into the past or the future
  • doesn’t need electricity to work.

Thanks to all the students who came up with these reasons. I agree with you. Reading is important, and that is why I am very keen to support the Premier’s Reading Challenge as an ambassador. So come on everybody be a winner. Take the Challenge. Read and succeed!


Fact File

The worst and best things about being a writer:
The worst thing is having a manuscript rejected by a publisher, but the best thing is receiving the advanced copy of a new book, which far outweighs any other disappointments.

My favourite food:
I love fish and mild Indian meals. Anything above medium makes me break out in a sweat!

My dream car:
A top Mercedes, because my son works for them and I like the cars he gets to drive around in.

My worst injury:
A badly twisted ankle when playing basketball. Unfortunately, I made it worse by playing on after it happened and we still lost!

My favourite colour:
Aqua (sometimes called ‘Tiffany’ blue)

My hero and why:
Nelson Mandela because of his attitude towards people and his positive outlook on life after so many years of imprisonment.

My favourite possessions:
My favourite things are photos of family members and places I’ve visited in Australia and around the world. Also, my grandfather’s book of original hand written poems.

My favourite subjects at school:
I loved sport and reading at school. Everything else was less appealing because it got in the way of sport and reading.

The most important things in life:
Family, keeping as healthy as possible to get the most out of life and treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Things I do when I’m not writing:
When I’m not writing I enjoy reading, travelling, trying to keep fit, dancing, eating out, drinking wine, going to movies and watching most sports, especially basketball, cricket, soccer and tennis. It’s hard to see where I find the time to write!

My Ambassador Reading Tip:
Read, read and keep reading. It’s the best way to learn about life and people and it’s the easiest, most enjoyable way to become more literate, which will help you succeed in life.


Some more information about Mike

Mike is an award-winning writer of children’s books. Ten of Mike’s titles have been selected as ‘Notable Books’ by the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA). His books range from the humorous Muddled-up Farm, (Speech Pathology Book of the Year), to the sensitive Passing On (CBCA Shortlisted Book). His work also appeals to all ages from Cat (CBCA Honour Book Early Childhood), to Anisa’s Alphabet (CBCA Notable Book and White Ravens International Library Selection).

Mike has also written a range of junior fiction titles and he has received the Federal Minister’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Improving Literacy, which recognised his work both as an educator and a writer over an extended period of time. His latest picture books are Dandy and Dazza and Mary had a Monstersaur. When he’s not writing, Mike loves reading, laughter, sunny weather, watching sport and meeting young readers in school visits.

Website: mikedumbleton.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mike.Dumbleton.author

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