Sue Harris

I love books – all kinds of books.

As a puppeteer, I read many reference books, and my dictionary and thesaurus are great friends. I spend many hours researching a wide range of topics for each new show – from Egyptology to macro-invertebrates, from the human body to leafy sea dragons – how cool is that!

My greatest passion is to write books, plays and shows that help people which also requires much research. As a storyteller, besides writing my own stories for telling, I read myths and legends, classic tales, and hundreds of short stories and poems written by other people. One of my favourite authors is Michael Rosen, his stories really come alive when read or told aloud. I also love Carlo Collodi’s ‘Pinocchio’, which is quite eerie in parts.

My favourite book of all time is is a diary written in 1931 by my father at age 12 as he toured with his older brother through China and Japan.  They travelled by cargo boat, train and car and my father wrote in his diary every day.  He also lists the books he read while on board ship – I want to read those books too. Finding my father’s diary has encouraged me to keep a diary for my own children and grandchildren.

Fact File

The best thing about my job
Meeting and working alongside a vast range of people with differing backgrounds, ideas and cultures.

My favourite food
Anything Vego. Especially Indian.

My dream car
One that runs on solar power and keeps clean by itself.

My worst injury
A broken wrist (which is absolutely awful for a puppeteer!).

My favourite colours
Purple and blue – peacock colours

My favourite movie
My favourite children’s movie continues to be “Strings”, which is an epic movie set in an ancient world; has amazing cinematography and sets; equals the scope of Lord of the Rings; is an original story with a twist; and is performed entirely by marionettes.

My hero and why
Phillipe Genty – who tells the most wonderful stories through puppetry, illusion, mime, and dance. He inspires me to tell stories in ways that can be understood by people all over the world.

My favourite possessions
My father’s diary that he kept as a boy. Also photos of my family, and my children’s first stories they wrote.

If I wasn’t doing my current job I would like to be
A tour guide.  I enjoy taking visitors to South Australia to special places I’ve discovered.  I really love South Australia.

The most important things in life
To care. Care about the environment, care about each other, care about ourselves – and act on it.

My Ambassador Reading Tip
I always carry a pen and notebook everywhere I go.  For ideas, and for jotting down things I want to learn about for myself and for my work. People often tell me about interesting books and authors and I write them all down so I don’t miss reading something really great.
More information about Sue Harris

Sue Harris is one of South Australia’s premier Puppeteers. Her original and imaginative work has brought the joy of puppets and story telling to children and adults throughout South Australia.

A professional puppeteer and storyteller since 1978, Sue performs for pre-schoolers to adults.

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