Travis Moran

The skills we use and develop get us to our places in life. Reading is one of the skills that we use and need for our entire lives.

Fact File

The best thing about my job
I finish University in April 2011 and from June 2011 I will work as a Lawyer. The best thing about my job is that we help people fix problems.

My favourite food
Mum’s lasagna or gnocci carbonara

My worst injury
20cm quad tear, took 3 months to properly recover.

My favourite movie
Stigmata/Two Hands/Australian Movies in general

My favourite colours
Blue. Otherwise green and gold go pretty well together.

My hero and why
Glen Urbani, former school coach. If it wasn’t for his effort and persistence I would have never played volleyball. He was also a fantastic role model.

My favourite possession
It’s what’s inside that counts.

The most important things in life
That’s difficult to answer, the most important thing is probably what I am doing at that time.

My Ambassador Reading Tip
Find something you are passionate about and read about it! The reading challenge is not just about reading the books set, rather it is about the greater experience of reading! So get out there and just do it!

More information

Travis was a member of 2004 Olympic Team in Athens playing volleyball. The team qualified in the World Qualifying Tournament in Japan, May 2004. This was the first time Australia has ever qualified in its own right for the Olympic Games in the sport of volleyball.

He was the youngest player in the Australian volleyball team in Athens and the youngest player in the whole men’s volleyball competition at the Olympic Games.

He is now studying a combined Law/Arts degree at Adelaide University.

Interests and activities:

  • Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Volleyball scholarship holder 2002-2004
  • Australian National Senior Team representative 2002 – 2004. He has travelled with the national team to Japan, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Croatia, Tunisia, China, Poland, Argentina, Iran, Qatar, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Greece.
  • World YouthChampionship Team vice captain 2003 – their team finished 8th.
  • Travis plays both indoor and beach volleyball.
  • When Travis was younger he also enjoyed playing basketball and football.
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