Australian Animals: From Beach to Bush


ISBN: 9781922930408
Australian: Yes
Published: 2023 by Affirm Press
Level: Early Years (R-2)


This gorgeous picture book explores Australian animals in an interactive and informative way. Wonderful colour palette of muted pastels and almost childlike illustrations take us on a journey through the Australian wildlife. The book includes a key to demonstrate levels of concern surrounding the animals from ‘least concern’ to ‘extinct’. This key is used throughout the book on each page and contributes to the uniqueness of the book and also the interactivity. Each page highlights a particular animal, however many other animals are featured and readers can spend their time trying to find the animals. The book is organised not just around the focus animal on each page but also areas of geographical features. Mountains, Coral reefs, and Kelp Forests for example. A visually splendid book with a wonderfully effective use of text to impart information. The book also provides ideas for assisting in caring for our wildlife which allows the reader to feel a sense of empowerment.

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