Good Morning, My Deer!

by AMON, Mel & BEER, Sophie

ISBN: 9781761380358
Australian: Yes
Published: 2023 by Scribble Kid’s Books
Level: Early Years (R-2)

Picture book

This book offers a lighthearted glimpse into a typical day in Banjo’s life, engaging readers with playful word games involving homophones and homonyms that craft clever dual meanings. The bright and cheerful illustrations complement the text’s wit, enriching the humour with visual puzzles that play on words not directly mentioned in the narrative. An illustration of a pie marked with ‘3.14’ cleverly references the mathematical constant ‘Pi’, challenging the readers’ wits beyond mere interpretation of the narrative. The book’s cleverness unfolds with each page turn, culminating in the closing endpapers where readers are presented with a visual and written checklist that catalogues the homophonic word pairs encountered throughout the story, inviting readers to engage and reflect on the linguistic creativity they’ve just experienced.

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