Temora and the Wordsnatcher

by GORDON, Kate

ISBN: 9781761110122
Australian: Yes
Published: 2023 by Wombat Books
Part of the Wordspinner Chronicles series
Level: Primary Years (3-5)


Temora Murphy is eleven years old. She lives in an immaculate house, with a mother who wishes to control and mould her. The only other children she sees are the “shiny” girls her mother selects for her as friends. Girls who tease her for her size and shyness. Girls who call her “Puddingface”. Temora wants more. Temora loves reading, books about adventure and magic. She finds these books in a black pearl box at the bottom of the garden, beneath the Bloodwood tree. She does not know how they come to be there or who sends them, and every time she thinks too hard about it, some strange impulse in her mind compels her to stop. The books help her to escape. But only so much. Then, at a party for her twelfth birthday, Temora Murphy makes another wish. And with that wish, Temora Tempest’s life alters forever. (Publisher)

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