PRC Booklists

Every year the PRC booklists grow and change. The PRC is fortunate to have a panel of 5 experienced teachers and community librarians who review all of the books that make it onto the booklists. Publishers send the PRC around 900 books per year of which approximately 300 are added to the lists. There are now 8,646 books on the Challenge booklists and most recently, 103 books were added to the Premier’s Reading Challenge booklists in March 2024.

Don’t forget that many of the Challenge booklist books are available in both physical and digital formats and are available from your public library. View the OneCard Catalogue here.

A breakdown of the most recently added books follows:

New Books:

All Ages 0 books0 books
Reception – Yr 2 47 books70 books
Years 3-5 59 books8 books
Years 6 – 9 36 books11 books
Mature (Yrs 10 – 12) 9 books14 books

Please refer to the GUIDELINES for further information about the booklists.

Printing List of Series

As described in the guidelines, once a book from a series has been listed, all books in that series may be read, regardless of whether the individual books are identified on the booklists. You may wish to print the series list which can be accessed here:  Series List – Reception to Year 12

Please note that some series cross over year levels due to content. These include, but are not limited to:
– Books by David Walliams
– Harry Potter
– Hotshots

For series that cross over more than one year level, please refer to SCIS for recommended reading levels.

Changed and Deleted Items

Download the list of books that have either been removed or had a change of year level in 2024.

Other Useful Information

The PRC office was contacted by a public librarian who sent us a list of specific titles with LGBTI characters that they created for students at Seaford Secondary College – some of the titles on the lists have been out for a while and of course are available through public libraries. These lists are for teen readers.

Download a copy here.

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Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s Reading Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.