Data entry of students who have completed the PRC is completed via the EduPortal on the Department’s LearnLink network, and is open from the 1st week of term 2 holidays, and closes on Friday of week 9, term 3. Please ensure you will be able to enter the data in this time, or arrange for someone to do it for you, as we cannot allow extensions.

Instructions will be emailed to all current PRC coordinators at the end of term 2. Please ensure the contact details for your site are correct, as we allocate a username and password to each contact.

Usernames and passwords will also be emailed out to your school’s PRC contacts at the end of term 2. These are valid only during the data entry period. Last year’s username and password are no longer valid.

Please use the links in the red boxes to access the full instructions, and the EduPortal.

A summary of the process, for those who are familiar with it, can be downloaded here.

A few notes:
– You do not need to enter the books the students have read.
– Please check if each student has “Consent to Print” for their name to appear on the Hall of Fame Honour Roll, and mark this where applicable as you enter the students.
– We will email you a list of all entered students and the awards they are due to receive before we send the awards. Please use that opportunity to check the list and request any changes, additions or deletions.

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Have a question about the Challenge?

Please email our Premier’s Reading Challenge mailbox or call for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.