Schools may like to purchase stickers to put on books so that students can easily identify which books in your library are on the Premier’s Reading Challenge Booklist. These are available to purchase directly from the supplier, School Merit Solutions.

The stickers are in 4 different fluoro colours and include the year levels, so there is consistency across sites.

  • Reception – 2 – red/orange
  • Year 3 – 5 – green
  • Year 6 – 9 – yellow
  • Year 9 – 12 Mature – yellow with ‘Mature’ written in the box. These are for labelling books in the ‘Mature’ category, for readers aged 14 and over (with permission from teachers and parents).
  • All Year Levels – Our booklist panel have recently been allocating “all year levels” as the suitable year level for some titles. These are books that the panel feels would appeal to all ages. The new, blue, “All year levels” sticker may be applied to indicate these titles.

For more information and to order stickers please visit the company website and see the order form below. Online ordering is possible and preferred. They accept emailed orders, payment with credit card, or on 30 day account for schools.

Sticker Order Form

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