Royal Society for the Blind Resources

The Premier’s Reading Challenge has recently collaborated with the Royal Society for the Blind.

The RSB’s aim is to help people who experience vision loss or blindness to live full and independent lives.

Visit for more information and their list of resources for blind and vision impaired!

With almost 12,000 clients, the Royal Society for the Blind is the largest provider of free services to people who are blind or vision impaired in South Australia.

Having trained more than 40 RSB Guide Dogs since its inception, the RSB Guide Dog Service currently has 40 pups in its education program, as well as a dynamic breeding program, to ensure continued success.

The RSB provides a full range of free services to South Australians who are blind or vision impaired including:

  • The Low Vision Centre
  • Employment Services
  • Volunteer Services
  • Community Services
  • RSB Guide Dog Services
  • Industrial Services
  • Business Services
  • Adaptive Technology
  • Online Shop

Contact information for each of the above services can be found at:

RSB Offices are located across metropolitan and regional South Australia:

Knapman House:
230 Pirie Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000
Ph: 08 8417 5599

Corporate Office:
254 Angas Street
Adelaide, SA, 5000
Ph: 08 8417 5555

Gilles Plains:
11 Blacks Road
Gilles Plains, SA, 5086
Ph: 08 8417 5600

Regional offices are also located at five additional locations around South Australia. Please visit the RSB website for more information:

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