Exciting Updates to the Challenge Booklists!

Every year, the Premier’s Reading Challenge booklists grow and change, ensuring a diverse and engaging selection of literature for young readers. Behind this process stands a dedicated panel of five experienced community and teacher librarians who meticulously review the countless submissions from publishers. From the staggering 900 books received annually, approximately 300 earn their spot on the PRC booklists every year.

As of now, the PRC boasts an impressive collection of 8,646 books, with 103 delightful additions gracing the booklists in March 2024 alone!

Here’s a breakdown of the latest additions by year level:

New Books:

  • Reception – Year 2: 70 books
  • Years 3-5: 8 books
  • Years 6-9: 11 books
  • Mature (Years 10-12): 14 books

Printable Lists and More:

For those eager to explore these fresh literary gems, printable lists are available on our website. Whether you’re seeking captivating reads for young learners or thought-provoking titles for mature audiences, we’ve got you covered!

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Have a question about the Challenge?

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